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Get 10% Off at Checkout, Use Code :TURKEY
Get 10% Off at Checkout, Use Code :TURKEY

Wholesale Backpacks

  • EB1418-Blank-Bag-Black/Lime

    600-Denier Polyester Backpack with Adjustable Padded Straps - EB1418

    DESCRIPTION WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! This versatile backpack is made from 600 Denier Polyester and features padded, adjustable shoulder straps and mes...

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Tote Bag Mart is the place where you can find bulk backpacks at wholesale prices for yourself or for your kids. We bring you the ultimate high-quality wholesale backpacks at cheap prices. Our selection of reusable wholesale backpacks offers a wide variety of cheap bags in different styles and different colors. These backpacks are for kids and adults alike, and are made with material that lasts through years of usage.

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Our wholesale backpacks range in sizes and functions, offering an ideal solution for everyone looking to shop for deals on economical and affordable prices. Even the basic school backpack we offer has plenty of storage space for accessories like books, documents and other supplies. The small yet spacious side pockets give you easy access to all your gear and school essentials. We have designed special padded adjustable shoulder straps for kid’s bags. This allows you to adjust the backpack to your height and let you carry the heavy cargo of books and stuff, in comfort.

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Carrying your laptop will no longer be a hassle, since we offer well designed durable backpacks at cheap prices. Make a selection from the many available wholesale laptop backpacks by visiting our online store. You can personalize these totes with your own style or logo. These custom backpacks are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose your favorite color and design. These backpacks are spacious and have zippered compartments to stuff your other important things. The ergonomic design of these backpacks ensures you not to injure your back while carrying heavy luggage. These backpacks are multipurpose to carry your other valuables too.

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Some of these tote bags have uniquely designed compartments that have a file divider to help you keep your documents organized. Get your hands on this essential accessory now at wholesale prices and let these stylish backpacks enhance your personality.